The Byrd family business, now operating as Byrd and Company LLC, has been in continuous operation since 1961. Over the years, while the business interests of Byrd LLC have varied from residential rental property management to the manufacture and sale of prefabricated concrete products, and from residential and commercial development to hospitality, the core principles of integrity, hard work, and community service have remained the same from generation to generation.

Mark returned to Houston County shortly after graduation from GSU to work in the family business and has been the Managing Member of Byrd LLC for over 25 years. The primary current business operations of the company include residential real estate development and the ownership and operation of Houston Lake Country Club.

Mark’s years of business experience have taught him that the most important assets of any company are its employees and its customers. He appreciates the hard work and dedication of the company’s management team and staff, and he is very thankful for their loyal customer base. He understands what it means to be a job creator, revenue generator, expense manager, and a taxpayer, and will apply these skills as a Houston County Commissioner.